Why choose Lett?

We believe renting an apartment should be as normal as owning one. We want to offer high-quality living for everyone whether you are a student or have a family with three kids. Our apartments are carefully designed to consider the needs of good living. The materials are durable and there is a place for everything. We have not forgotten the interior design either – carefully selected furniture complements the look and feel. You know what you want from your home. We take care of the rest.

We are committed to
offer better living
for our customers
Personal service

Our partners in Colliers and Hamilton Asset Management will take care of you. We also offer a customer portal, where you can easily e.g. follow your invoices.

No hidden fees or commissions

Our lease agreement is transparent about all the costs, so you know what you are paying for. Also, we will never ask for commission when letting an apartment from us.


We are committed finding ways of reducing both embodied and operational emissions with new solutions.

High-quality living

All of Lett’s apartment are build based on our high standards and the interior design is inspired by the Nordic aesthetics.

Behind Lett is NREP, a leading Nordic real estate innovator, investor and developer. Since its inception in 2005, NREP has been challenging the status quo in the real estate market. By improving the design, construction, and use of urban real estate – with sustainability at the core – NREP is driving change to create real impact. NREP strongly believe in the strength of operating and building a presence locally in the markets it invests in. Read more about NREP www.nrep.com

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