We work with real estate professionals from Colliers and Hamilton Asset Management.

Colliers is a leading property manager in Poland and is focused to offer top-tier quality services to its institutional and private customers.

Hamilton Asset Management has almost 20 years of experience serving customers when buying, selling, or letting an apartment. Their professionals make sure letting an apartment from Lett goes smoothly and you can focus on the essentials.

Our specialists

Our property manager will help you with questions related to property management, rent invoices etc.

Our letting team will help you to find the perfect home.

Aleksandra Zadworna
Property Manager Lett Kłobucka

+48 882 014 508
[email protected]

Łukasz Żebrowski
Property Manager Lett Lazurowa

+48 734 720 434
[email protected]

Aleksandra and Łukasz are responsible for the comprehensive management of the Lett apartments and contacting the tenants from the moment of the hand-over to the settlement of the deposit. They provide assistance to all tenants throughout the duration of their leases.

Senior Letting Specialist

Dominika Bartkowiak is the Senior Letting Specialist for all Lett projects and will be happy to answer all your questions, present you the apartments and advise on all matters related to the lease.

+48 668 397 112
[email protected]

Senior Letting Specialist

Mateusz Nowakowski is the Senior Letting Specialist on all Lett projects and is responsible for contact with people interested in rental and for conducting viewings in apartments.

+48 538 896 062
[email protected]

Contact us

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For residents: Please directly contact your property manager for any enquiries.

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Contact for media

Patrycja Rabińska
+48 504 006 016
[email protected]

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