We welcome everybody to live in Lett homes. You have to be at least 18 years old, and we need to verify your identity, credit history and affordability.

If we suspect the apartment is used for criminal activities or you have unpaid rent from your other Lett homes, we reserve the right not to sign a lease agreement with you. Also, if your living history has concerns that also can be a reason not to sign a new lease agreement with Lett.

For now, the lease agreement is only in Polish and English. We do also provide a Ukrainian version of the agreement for ready only purpose. To sign lease agreement, the customer must understand the agreement and the terms.

For most of our customers, the rental guarantee is one and a half month rent. After the verification we may ask for a higher deposit (2 or 3 months) however we will inform you upfront in case we need to increase security. Please contact our letting team if you have any questions.

Yes. However, one of the tenants is the main tenant and responsible for all lease agreement responsibilities towards Lett (e.g. rental payments, house rules). The main tenant must give the information of the other residents when signing the lease agreement and make sure that information about people living in the apartment in up to date.

Yes. Our property manager will go through the apartment with you and document potential pitfalls. It is important to notice potential issues right away, so you will not be responsible when moving out.

We usually offer rental for 12 months. It is also possible to rent for 6 months for a higher price.

We offer ready-to-move-in fully furnished apartments. At the moment, we do not offer unfurnished flats, but if you are interested – please contact us.


If you have additional questions regarding your rental agreement or want to renew your lease, please contact [email protected]

If you have questions regarding your payments or any issues spotted in your apartment, please contact the property manager: [email protected]

Contact details of the emergency services:

Police: 997

Fire Department: 998

Ambulance: 999 or 112

Yes, small pets which are custom the live in apartment building are welcome. Please give details about your pet when you lease the apartment. Please be aware, that you are responsible for potential damages your pet might make to the apartment and to the building.

Yes. You can lease a parking space at the same time when letting an apartment. Ask more from our letting team.

If you want to lease a parking space during your stay, please contact: [email protected]

The rules and regulations of the building are attached to your lease agreement. Further amendments might be sent via e-mail.

It is only allowed to place decorations that do not interfere in any way with the condition of the apartment, which must be restored to its original form at the end of the lease.

Unfortunately, not.

Please contact property manager.

We want you to enjoy living with us that’s why we shared with all the tenants the House Rules that we ask to follow. However, when living in apartment building, we need to take into account other residents.

In apartment building, you can hear normal sounds of living, also during the nighttime (cooking, shower etc.). If there are constant activities which break the house rules, it is important to take actions. The most convenient way is to discuss directly with the neighbor, who makes the noise. Most likely they do not know making a disturbance.

It is all the residents’ responsibility to observe potential vandalism or disorder. If you observe any of this, please inform to the property manager - [email protected]

If you suspect criminal activity or you feel your or your neighbor’s safety is disturbed, please contact the police.

Yes. For more details, please contact our letting team.

Sure, visitors, friends and family are welcomed. Just remember that your guests must comply with the building regulations attached to your tenancy agreement. As a tenant you are responsible for their stay and activities in both the apartment and the building.

The fee for utilities includes the fee for water, the fee for heating and the fee for electricity as well as other similar fees related to the use of the apartment. Depending on the type of contract signed, you are obliged to pay them in advance (then they will be settled on the basis of actual consumption thanks to meter readings every 3 months), or you will be charged with the costs of actual media consumption in current billing periods.

Temporary registration (“meldunek czasowy”) is possible on the basis of your rental agreement. Remember that you cannot check in for a longer period than the period of your contract and you are obliged to check out of the premises after moving out. Both the tenant and the persons specified in the contract as residents can register in the rented apartment.

Yes, changes to the rental agreement are possible, although they involve an additional cost specified in your rental agreement.

Remember to return the apartment in the condition in which you would like to find it yourself and in which it was handed over to you. Clean your apartment on a regular basis as it will help you to keep it in a better condition and reduce any deductions from the deposit for professional cleaning or possible repairs. Always report the issues straight after spotting them and do not allow them to develop, as this may be treated as your negligence.

Rental agreements are concluded for a definite period and there is no possibility of their early termination, therefore we ask you to make responsible decisions regarding the rental.

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